OEL Offseason Sim #8: Blue Light Special in Isle #3

Game Date: 11/28/2020

We have started the Free Agent season and it has started with a…whimper.

There we no signings in the first 3 days, but the winter meetings are around the corner, so things should heat up.  Just remember that the Rule 5 draft is in 2 sims so get ready for that and protect the players you want to protect, get them on your 40 man roster.

There was one news story. Maui’s SS Matt Bourgault, a prospect from Canada in their international complex, He was supposedly trying to boil water in his home when he knocked the pot over on his right arm. Likely story. He will be out for a week while the arm heals.

Next sim will be Wednesday for another 3 days by Brian.

OEL Offseason Sim #7: Free Agency Begins

First off, everyone check to make sure you get good data.  This is the first sim run by anyone who wasn’t the guy who did the conversion.  Let us know if there’s anything wonky going on.  In my experience, there are sometimes small things to be worked out.

On with the sim:

Dateline: November 25, 2020

Free agency is upon us.  Who will get the big payout and who will have to settle for less?  Will real talent move or stay put?  Only the next few sims can tell us, my friends, as we move through the time when budgets can be made or destroyed.

In addition to the usual cast of free agents, we had eight international free agents hit the market.  Don’t forget to give them a gander.  It might do you some good.

And on the injury front, New England’s Alfredo Mata has suffered a setback in his recovery from a strained oblique and will miss at least five more days.

The next sim will be on Monday!  Don’t miss out!

OEL Offseason Sim #6: Ar-bi-tra-tion (clap clap clap-clap-clap)

Game date: November 22nd, 2020

Remember – we’re on OOTP 17 now. If you haven’t upgraded, get to it (and let us know if you have any issues)

The big news this sim is that arbitration hearings were held, and the winners are:

Miguel Fernandez (Murfreesboro), John Roll (LA), and Rick Duncan (Petersburg) all accepted qualifying offers and will stick around for another year and get paid $10MM each. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig.

San Diego had a trio of high awards – Jose Sanchez ($6MM), Ramon Gomez ($6.25MM), and Gabriel Mills ($5.775MM)

Alfredo Mata of New England wins the award for highest arbitration settlement at just shy of $10.6MM. Not too shabby.

The next sim is a big one, as we’ll enter the free agency period. That means you have until Friday to make offers to your own potential free agents, lest they be snatched by another team! Until then, good luck!

Offseason Sim #5: OOTP 17 required

Game date: November 20th, 2020

In game action, nothing of note happened. Salary arbitration hearings will happen the next sim, so this is the last chance to make changes to your arbitration offers.

The real news of the sim is that we’ve migrated the league to OOTP 17, so if you haven’t already purchased the game, get on it!

I’ve uploaded a new full league file to the server, which you’ll need to download before you do anything else: http://oel.brianhockin.com/v13exports/OEL.lg.zip

Put the file in the saved_games folder and unzip it. The location of that folder is

Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Out of the Park Developments
Windows: ~/Documents/Out of the Park Developments/OOTP Baseball 17

If you have trouble finding it, you can usually open the game and click Load Game and then click Open Folder at the bottom and it will show you the path.

After it’s unzipped into the right folder, you should be able to log in normally. If you have any issues, let me know.

We’ll give everybody a couple of days to purchase the game and make sure there aren’t any issues, so expect the next sim to be Tuesday or Wednesday (we’ll be sure to announce at least 24 hours in advance)

Offseason Sim #4: Moving Right Along

Still moving through arbitration.  Don’t forget to take a look at that and see where you end up!


  • Platonic League Rookie of the Year: Pitt’s Bryan Williamson
  • Socratic League Rookie of the Year: New York’s David Lopez
  • Platonic League Cy Young: Pitt’s Natsu Tanaka
  • Socratic League Cy Young: Charleston’s Jorge Rangel
  • Platonic League MVP: Pitt’s Natsu Tanaka
  • Socratic League MVP: Maui’s Alfonso Rodriguez


  • Pitt signed CL Ivan Montoya to a 5 year/$43.6MM extension

The next sim is Saturday by Brian!  At that time he’ll convert to OOTP17.  Be there!

Offseason Sim #3 – Moving towards Arbitration and Free Agency

There are 5 more days that have been simmed…what has happened…

A couple players have signed extensions to avoid arbitration:

  • Brattlesboro signed SP Kris Hale to a 5 year deal
  • Brooklyn signed SP Francisco Ledesma to a 6 year deal
  • Brooklyn signed SP John Hill to a 4 year deal
  • Brattlesboro signed SS Kelly Holloway to a 5 year deal
  • Brooklyn signed C Reynaldo Hernandez to a 4 year deal
  • Miami signed 1B Austin Gilbert to a 1 year deal

There were also loads of minor league deals.

You have 2 more sims to offer deals to avoid arbitration and set the offers to those going into arbitration.  Also remember that you can set you ticket prices for the year now and scouting and development budgets so don’t miss out.

5 more days coming on Wednesday.


OEL Offseason Schedule

Posted in the Upcoming Schedule page and below.

Sims 1 and 2: Already happened
Sims 3-5: Sim five days; owners negotiate with players eligible for arbitration/free agency (11/10-11/20)
Sim 6: Sim 2 days, arbitration hearings held, last chance to make offers before FA (11/22)
Sim 7: Sim three days to start of FA (11/25)
Sims 8: Sim three days; owners negotiate with FAs, set rosters for Rule 5 (11/28)
Sim 9: Sim three days; owners negotiate with FAs, last chance to set rosters for Rule 5 (12/1)
Sim 10: Sim one day, no roster updates downloaded, Rule 5 draft held (12/2) – more details as this gets closer
Sims 11-15: Sim three days each sim; owners negotiate with FAs (ends on 12/17)
Sims 16-18: Sim five days each sim; owners negotiate with FAs (ends on 1/1/21)
Sims 19-21: Sim 10 days each sim; owners negotiate with FAs (ends on 1/31 – note that preseason starts on 1/26)
Sims 22-24: Sim 10 days each sim; set budgets during preseason (ends on 3/2 when spring training starts)

Offseason Sim #2: Stuff happened

Game date: Nov 5th, 2020

Long time Maui/Miami owner Matt Macario has resigned to spend more time lounging on the beaches of Hawaii, but we have a new owner to take his place. Please welcome Chris Pulliam to the league!

Other than that, not a whole lot going on right now, Some options were picked up (or voided), some free agents are waiting by the phone, and we have a whole slew of awards to vote on.

I’ll send out a preliminary schedule tomorrow morning. Until then, expect the offseason to go like it usually does – MWF sims for most of the offseason until we hit spring training.

Next sim is Friday!

Playoff Sim #24: Just wow

Game date: October 30th, 2020

Pittsburgh started the day with a 3-2 lead – would there be celebrating in Pittsburgh tonight, or are we going to game 7. Let’s find out!

The first inning was a microcosm of this entire series. In typical Charleston small-ball fashion, leadoff hitter Dave Dillman hit a single to start the game, then moved to 2nd on an error and to 3rd on a fly out. Bannon Rymer walked to load the bases, and Alan Larson singled to bring Dillman home. Hu Pian was thrown out at home on Larson’s single for the 2nd out. The next man up, Randy Carman, walked to load the bases again, but Jeff Berry flew out left to end the threat.

Not to be outdone, the Pisces struck back immediately. Eduardo Corona singled, but was throw out trying to steal 2nd. Matt McConnell was hit by a pitch 2 batters later, and Danilo Henriquez launched a pitch over left center for a 2 run home run to give the Pisces a 2-1 lead.

Charleston catcher Michael Johnson decided that this was no time to mess around, and fired back with a solo shot to tie the game at 2 half way through the second inning.

Both pitchers settled down for a few innings after that, but Charleston’s bats came alive again in the top of the 5th by rattling off 4 singles to take a 3-2 lead, and again in the 7th with a solo home run by Remo Demartino to stretch the lead to 4-2

The next 2 half innings went by without incident, but sensing that their time was running out, Pittsburgh fought back in the bottom of the 8th. A double by Ward Davis, followed by run scoring single from William Garant cut the lead to 1. The next batter up, Eduardo Corona, doubled, but Garant was unable to score and was stuck at 3rd. Fortunately, David Kirby hit a deep sac fly, and Garant was able to score easily. Tie ballgame! Matt McConnell couldn’t keep the rally going, so we go to the 9th tied at 4!

Ivan Montoya sat the Blockade Runners down in order in the 9th, so it was Pittsburgh’s chance to take the lead and the championship. Henriquez popped out for the first out, but Johnston singled at went to second on a wild pitch, Jim Campbell was given a IBB after that to put men on 1st and 2nd with 1 out, but Pittsburgh was unable to capitalize – Arthur Kerr struck out looking and Ward Davis flew out to end the inning. Extra innings!

The 10th inning came and went with the scored tied at 4, but things got interesting after that. Charleston catcher Michael Johnson hit his 2nd home run of the game to give the Blockade Runners a 5-4 lead. Would it be enough to send the series to game 7?

Matt McConnell lead off with an infield popup for out #1, and Danilo Henriquez grounded out for the 2nd out. It was all down to Andrew Johnstone, and boy did he deliver. After a foul ball, he crushed the ball 418 feet over right center, and we’re back to a tie ballgame! On to the 11th!

Remo Demartino grounded out to start the inning, but Bannon Rymer came through with a solo home run to give Charleston yet another lead! Larson and Carman both flied out to center, but a lead is a lead! Would this one finally be enough to send the series to a 7th game?

Double machine Ward Davis lead off with (you guessed it) another double, and moved to 3rd on a bunt by the pitcher. However, that turned out to be unnecessary, as Eduardo Corona ripped another double to center to score Davis! Tied again! Charleston yanked Milliard Quinn and brought in Aubrey Schaal to stop the bleeding. The first batter he faced, David Kirby, worked the count to 2-1 before smashing a line drive single to score the pitcher. Game over! Pisces win!

Congrats to Pittsburgh and Charleston on another fine season! I’ll sim the off day tomorrow or Tuesday to take us to the offseason, at which point we’ll announce the offseason schedule. We’ll likely let Justin bask in the warm glow of a championship until after the holidays, but stay tuned for an official announcement in the next 48 hours